Hey girl! I’m Christie Love, an introvert, along with many other quirks. I grew up in the country in Pennsylvania from a Puerto Rican family. I helped my husband manage a contracting business for many years, was a Zumba and Pilates fitness instructor, and most recently as a Brand Consultant and FG Certified Master Marketer, doing web design and tech services in platforms such as Kajabi, Membervault, and Wordpress.

Through it all I have lived with Bipolar Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, OCD, and Adult ADHD, all of which present their own challenges. I like to call them emotional “gifts”. But I don't let them stop me from enjoying life and having a sense of purpose in life.

With the help and support of my hubby, I decided to open up a shop that would bring digital and printable products to busy women trying to juggle it all, because I know from personal experience that it can sometimes be hard to look like you're holding it all together.

This is in addition to my mini-courses that I help to break down tech in easy-to-understand terms, such as web design and funnel creation. For more information, go to www.christieloveconsulting.com

I love writing, music, dance, the arts, traveling, my adorable chihuahuas, and of course, my long-suffering husband Kevin.

I'm so excited you're here, and I hope you find something that you find helpful to you personally and/or your business. Have an idea to add to my shop? Let me know! Come visit me on my blog as well at www.christielove.com for all things tech and online business related to the digital Girlboss!